Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Build a Paper Medieval City in Your Living Room

I am in love with paper dolls and paper cities! I think it's an easy, cheap, and fun activity that everyone can participate in. I've had many successful paper parties with both nieces and nephews! Since it has been so cloudy over here in the Pacific Northwest, I think these paper medieval cities would be so much fun to build inside my living room. What do you think?

I would love to pretend to make old garments with this weaving workshop paper city set. This is a vital part of making the whole medieval town come alive. We could even pretend that we are weaving robes for royalty!

The medieval city burgher house paper set comes with bards, minstrels, and waitresses. After a hard day's work, get dinner at the burgher house.

Wouldn't it be fun to bake cookies and play with this Bakery medieval paper city set? It would definitely give the essence that the set is alive! I'm sure my nieces and nephews would definitely love that. Any excuse to make cookies is a good one.

The best part about this merchant house paper city set is that it will teach (hopefully) the nieces and nephews to share. They can trade pretend or real goods. It's a good way to educate them to barter. Hopefully there won't be any arguments.

These are a super fun and great way to get those imaginations working. Take a look at these paper medieval buildings on Amazon. Comment down below and tell me which you think would get used the most. I feel like I need to have all four to create a whole kingdom!

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