Monday, June 6, 2016

Fun House-Shaped 3D Jigsaw Puzzles

I don't know about you, but I honestly think puzzles are a great way to pass the time. I think a lot of people assume that kids won't like to work on a puzzle and that they would rather play games on their iPads or Androids. But actually, my nieces and nephews really do love puzzles. It's a great way to promote working as a team, critical thinking, and organizing, but it's also super fun! Time gets lost when working on fun 3D puzzles, especially during long summer nights after playing outside all day. Check them out!

This 3D country house puzzle is great for travel. Bring your puzzle with you when you go to your summer cabin! This would even be fun to have as a decoration and the kids will love it. I really like the light post with the heart sign hanging down.

I want to have a house like this redwood romantic house 3D puzzle. The different levels would make this puzzle a little more complicated, but still very fun! I think the bay window above the front door is really cool. I like how plain it is because maybe it makes the puzzle a little more complicated!

I spoke too soon, because I think that this European villa 3D puzzle is my dream house! I have a feeling that this would take a whole afternoon to put together. It's also inspiring! I'm sure there will be plenty of questions about the style of the house when we're finished.

Why build just one when you can build a whole little village? These 4 3D little house puzzles remind me of a little town in a fairy tale. If you're babysitting a bunch of kids it'll be easier to manage with many houses. They could even split up into teams.

You can't forget this cute little 3D cottage puzzle when making your fairy tale village. I think you can even connect all the roads together from the buildings above and this one. I wonder if you could play with paper dolls using these 3D puzzle houses?

I really like the bright colors that are used on this 3D Norway house puzzle. This would probably be easier to put together since there are so many shapes and colors to organize the pieces by. The way the windows were painted almost look like real glass!

How do your kids like puzzles? I hope these 3D puzzles give you some ideas for passing time during summer break! Comment down below and let me know.

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