Friday, March 20, 2015

Betty Crocker's New Orange Sherbet Products

My nephews and I can never resist picking up these limited edition seasonal dessert box mixes. (We just grabbed these at Target yesterday). We had fun making the Betty Crocker watermelon cupcakes last summer, but only one of us (not me!) enjoyed their actual flavor.

I'm a bit skeptical about these weird Orange Sherbet products. If I wanted to taste Orange Sherbet, I'd buy the frozen treat and go to town on it. I'm not even sure if my nephews have even had sherbet before - they normally are vanilla ice cream kinda guys.

I'll let you know how these turn out! We're sure to have a baking party on Easter or soon thereafter.

Betty Crocker Sherbet Cupcake and Cookie Mixes at Betty Crocker's New Products Page

Betty Crocker Sherbet Cupcake Mix and Raspberry Sherbet Frosting, on Amazon

Betty Crocker Orange Sherbet Cupcake and Cookie Mixes, on Amazon


You can tell your nieces and nephews that sherbet originated in Persia, where they called it sharbat.

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