About My Favorite Aunt

This blog is inspired by my own favorite aunt (who spoils me terribly) as well as the aunts from Practical Magic. Chocolate cake.. midnight margaritas.. an attic bedroom.. a garden to explore.. pancakes on weekends.. a huge kitchen and lovely home.. staying up past bedtime.. My Favorite Aunt is run by Carrie, the author of the Lovely Living blog and the owner of Lovely Living University. I'm an aunt to countless relatives and friends' children, and love finding ways to delight them and make our time together special. I'm delighted to share some of my finds and neat things for kids I run across on the Internet with you! As aunts, we often have extra time to spend with our nieces and nephews that their actual parents don't have. Parents who are busy working full time, taking care of the house, and parenting small children, might not have extra time that an auntie does for trips to the movies, an afternoon baking up floury messes in the kitchen, or a popcorn and root beer pajama party. Another great thing about being an aunt is that at the end of a fun evening or a busy weekend, we can give the tired and cranky sugared-up kids back to their parents, go home, take a hot bath, and relax with a big cocktail! Bonus!

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