Monday, May 25, 2020

Exploring the Oregon Trail in a New Choose Your Own Adventure Book

I bet I'm not the only auntie who played The Oregon Trail when I was young - first in a classroom, led by the teacher; then as a text adventure game on an early Apple computer. And I can't be the only one here who remembers Choose Your Own Adventure books, where you turned pages depending on the choices you made in the book, to create new story paths and different endings.

I couldn't be more excited about Pick Your Own Path on the Oregon Trail (via Amazon), which comes out in July. Its tabbed pages let you decide how to deal with wild animals, weather events, famine, sickness and problems during your family's trek to Oregon Territory.

I'm envisioning playing this over Zoom with my nieces and nephews (if we're still staying home by the time the book comes out), letting them choose the adventures and guiding the story along!


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