Thursday, July 14, 2016

Secret Life of Pets Books, Toys and Games to Enjoy With Nieces and Nephews

For those who haven't seen the trailer, check it out - The Secret Life of Pets.

Sometimes I seriously think my animals are having a party without me while I'm out. I can relate to this movie almost too much, so I personally would love to see it. Also for the fact Louis C.K. is one of the main characters. The kids, however, definitely want to see yet another animated film.

This year is a great year for animated films! I think I'm going to have to have another movie get-together and have some Secret Life of Pet activities to pair with it. Check out all the different toys, games, and books on Amazon to choose from.

I tend to get these little collectibles so that the kids can just use their imagination and play with them. These mini pets collectible figures are a great amount for how many kids end up coming over for these movie nights! The bunny is hilarious!

I can't stress how much this Pet in the City - color plus crayons and sticker book needs to be in my house. Last time I did this I only had the Golden Book associated with the film. I made a very defiant nephew quite sad that day, because auntie K always had stickers! I let a little man down that day.

Not to say Golden Books aren't important - my nieces and nephews would enjoy the The Secret Life of Pets Little Golden Book. One of my nephews is always very adamant about how he needs to read his books. I love it, honestly!

I really like the idea of handing out these rubber bracelets after the movie. I know that all the kids like to accessorize. These are also really fun and could give each of them the opportunity to sport their pride in a particular character.

I have a whole bunch of nieces and nephews who are over the age of 8 who would enjoy The Secret Life of Pets: The Junior Novelization! It's a great way to practice reading as well. They tend to want to read more at my house than they do at their mom's (shh!) I guess I pick out better books!

I hate to rekindle the Beanie Baby hype, but they do have very cute Secret Life of Pets Beanie Babies. I think I like their models over the other Secret Life of Pets plush toys I've seen floating around the internet!

Even if you've already seen the movie (jealous!) I know this is going to be a huge favorite for some of the kids. They'll love reliving the story with a book or playing with their favorite characters. Come check out all the toys, games, and books on Amazon! What do you guys think of the movie and all the activities?

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