Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hilarious Shark Sleeping Bags and Buntings for Nighttime at Auntie's House

I was pretty much dying laughing when I saw these! So adorable. Sharks and summer just go hand in hand. Shark sleeping bags eating up little babies are just awesome! I'm not a huge camper myself, but I know some of you guys are. If I take my little niece up to the lake again, it would be fun to see how these baby shark sleeping bags work! Or just to bring along to my house and cuddle up, inside a sharks belly... These are hilarious and can be used for all sorts of things. Take a peek.

Watch out for this shark attack! This baby sleeping bag looks super comfortable and warm. Maybe not the best for summer, but it would be so fun to stroll a little one around a water park, wrapping them up in this shark sack! I guess living in the Pacific Northwest would make that possible.

When you take a closer look at this infant baby shark bunting bag, you can see it's a lot bigger than it looks. I want my niece to be able to use this even as a blanket when she gets a little older! There are a few other colors that come with this style of shark bag.

I definitely love the bright red baby winter sleeping bag. It's a great color for both boys and girls, it's a fun way to get them into bed, and it definitely looks warm! I can see parents who hike using this particular shark bag. It can get so cold at night!

This looks like the smallest design out of the bunch of baby shark sacks. It also has so many colors to choose from that make the bag look more like a tropical fish! If I had a sailboat, having a few of these sleeping bags around for of my nieces and nephews would be a must.

These hysterical, comfy, and precious baby shark sleeping bags are great for all year round. You can use it for camping, sailing, strolling, or even just around the house. What a fun way to snuggle up with the little ones too! What do you think? Comment below!

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