Monday, June 6, 2016

Inspirational Little People, Big Dreams Books for Girls

The best books for kids are the ones that they can relate to. My girls, most of the time, feel that they are the center of the universe. But they still have their fragile moments. Life can get anyone down and discourage you from really chasing your dreams. As adults, we are way too familiar with this feeling. I love these Little People, Big Dreams books because they really encourage girls to aspire to greatness.

I always tell my nieces to set their goals high! I was very excited to see that there was an Amelia Earhart book. This woman set her sights on the sky, against all odds. Her story is inspiring for all women who strive to battle prejudice on a daily basis. I feel like there are never too many stories to share with my nieces about great women in history!

Speaking of women who battled prejudice, the Maya Angelou book is bound to encourage all girls to fight for what they want to do. She had a tough life as an African American woman, but Maya still thrived! Having my nieces be able to read about her and how she became a famous writer would be amazing.

One of the most interesting and fabulous stories I've read about is about is that of Frida Kahlo. Her dreams were destroyed after a tragic accident, so she turned to art and found ways to paint despite being bedridden with pain. Hers is an inspiring story for anyone, and shows that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Even little fashionistas can make their dreams come true, Coco Chanel sure did! I have a niece in mind who is already quite the fashion designer. She loves drawing all sorts of outfits and loves to pick clothes for me at the store. As her aunt, I feel obliged to strengthen that passion, so I sometimes buy the outfits she picks for me. She is actually pretty good! I know she would enjoy this book and feel more motivated.

As girls, we can sometimes struggle to keep our chins held up high. We need to be taught at a young age to dream big and to fight for it! These Little People, Big Dreams books hold fantastic awe-inspiring stories! Who would you like to see in this series of books? I personally hope they will make a Jane Goodall or Marie Curie book!

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