Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hilarious Swim Goggles for Kids

In about a week I'm going to go to my grandpa's lake house. I am very excited, because I will be taking one of my baby nieces and we are going to go swimming! Since I have a problem with spoiling all my kiddos, I was searching for all kinds of water toys. That is when I found these hysterical goggles that I need to get my nieces and nephews!

These pink and purple goggles is what spurred on the giggles. The only thought I had was seeing one of my nieces popping her head out of the water with big buggy eyes and these huge eyelash goggles. It was a little too much for me, but I know the kids would love it!

Clearly I can't leave the nephews out. I am sure you guys can understand the need for these shark goggles. I cannot even count how many shark attack games I have seen in the pool. I know the boys would get a kick out of these. I would have to buy them all one. I know this would cause all sorts of strife if there was only one pair!

These "Donut" goggles are super cute and hilarious. I think those are actual "sprinkles!" I know sprinkled donuts are definitely a favorite among the children. I have to admit, it's one of my favorites too. Don't tell!

You must admit, these heart goggles are perfect for your little divas. I already have a kid that has heart sunglasses. Might as well get these for the water! I definitely like the teal ones. I wish the purple and pink had more differences, they both honestly look too similar.

I'm a little crazy and the kids know it. I need to have these goofy goggles for all the summer fun we're going to have! Check out other silly goggles that are on Amazon. Whether or not you're wacky like me, I'm sure you can find some cute things!

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