Monday, June 6, 2016

Disney's Little Mermaid Little Kingdom

I remember when my young cousins were really, really little they would come with me to the lake. I would take them from their mom for a weekend and have a blast! While we were there we would use paint to color our own Ariel, take mermaid figures into the pool, and fall asleep with mermaid plush dolls. Ever since, I've slowly accumulated Little Mermaid toys. Now my nieces find these little toys and play with them, but they are pretty dated! I think I need an update... my cousins are well in their twenties. Do your nieces or daughters love Ariel? Take a look at these Little Mermaid Little Kingdom sets on Amazon!

Isn't Ariel's Sea Castle fantastic? This looks like a whole lot of fun. There are a variety of different activities in this particular set. It definitely reminds me of the doll sets my cousins and I would play with on the pool deck. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the Sebastian figure. He looks a little strange.

I'm glad we can add more to the huge castle above! With this Ariel's Little Treasure Chest you can add more activities! This comes with a new outfit for Ariel and Flounder. I do like the fact you can change Ariel's outfit to wear a dress or have fancy fins.

This may be my favorite Little Mermaid Little Kingdom set. The Ariel's Floating Dreams Boat is so whimsical and adorable. This is a pinnacle point in the movie, so I know my nieces would love it. I really like how the fish are decorating the boat. Ariel's outfit is perfect!

I think out of all the Little Princesses I am enjoying Ariel's outfits the most. You can get a variety of dresses and headpieces for Ariel in this Fashion Change set. I think the girls would really love the little sea creatures that you can attach to her outfit. It's what makes Ariel, Ariel!

I am loving the Little Kingdom sets for all the Disney princesses. They are very precious and interactive! Which is your favorite? I would love to see more Merida or even the huge library from Beauty and the Beast. Comment down below!

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