Monday, June 6, 2016

Darling Star Wars Little Golden Books

I went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass yesterday and as the new Star Wars: Rogue One came up I realized I failed the kids! They always rely on Auntie to have all the newest and latest Golden Books. I just found out that I do not have any of the new Star Wars Golden Books! I definitely failed as an aunt, so I really need to get my butt in gear! Here they are...

My nieces and nephews love the Force Awakens movie. I know that they are eager to read the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Golden Book. The art style is really fun and vibrant! I think that in itself will keep their attention.

Now the I Am a Droid Little Golden Book is definitely one I need to have in my house. All the kids can't get enough of the droids from all of the movies. Admittedly I would have a lot of fun reading this too.

Not only will the I Am a Pilot Little Golden Book be a favorite, it'll also inspire the little ones. Even though the kids may not be able to fly through space in Star Wars yet, the book could still motivate them to become pilots. That would be an amazing future career, don't you think?

I have a lot of hope for this I Am a Princess Star Wars Little Golden Book. In a world where girls are taught to be like princesses, I feel like Leia is the most superior! I know I want my nieces to be independent and fight for what they believe in!

What is better than trying to inspire your children to be an evil warlord? I think this I Am a Sith Little Golden Book needs to be in the whole collection. You have to know about evil in order to know about good! Plus, I can't help but love Darth Vader.

These Star Wars Golden Books are colorful, bright, and entertaining! Now I can make up for my negligence and just buy all of them! That should satisfy the kiddos' Golden Book needs. Which one would you get? Tell me about it in the comments down below!

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