Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Colored Bath Water for Enticing Reluctant Smelly Nephews to Bathe

A couple of nephews spent the night last Friday night. We played in the backyard, went out to dinner, saw "Finding Dory," and wrestled with my dogs. Such fun!

The next morning, I wanted them to bathe or shower before we went out to breakfast on our way to drop them back home. One nephew obediently hopped in the shower, changing into clean clothes when he was done. But when it was the ten year old's turn, he balked and argued and tried to negotiate. I rummaged around in my guest bathroom cupboard, hoping I had something fun left over from when they used to visit more frequently.

Luckily I had one tub of Crayola Color Dropz left over! I dropped two or three into the running bathtub, showing my nephew how their colors took over the bathtub so quickly. He gleefully dropped THE ENTIRE CONTAINER in (sigh) but at least it worked to get him into the bathtub. (Next time I'll be sure to dole out a small handful of the color tablets and hide the container!)

The tablets are blue, yellow, and red. Kids can use the tablets in combination to create green, orange, purple, etc. They're fragrance free, which isn't a priority to me but might be to you.

I was relieved that the color drops didn't stain his skin, and my porcelain bathtub washed clean right away. No staining!

I'm definitely stocking up on another container or two of these for next time I have a reluctant bather!

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