Wednesday, June 8, 2016

4 Illustrated Biographies Perfect for Preteen Nieces

I know I've have been a little obsessive with baby stuff, but that's because one of my nieces just turned one and she's so cute! I need to turn my attention to the older kids for just a little bit.

Some of my nieces have to do summer reading for school. As their aunt who loves reading, I think it would be fun if we all got together and read books - our own little book club!

Even though some of these biographies by Library of Luminaries might not be on their school reading list, they are still great stories to share together. For the nieces that are far away, it would be fun to read together via Skype or Facetime since these are visual novels. Come check it out!

One of my all time favorite authors is Jane Austen. I think out of most of the biographies, we will have the most fun with Jane's. This is because we can then read "Pride and Prejudice," "Emma", and "Sense and Sensibility" which are all great book club reads! Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if any of those were on their list of books to read for school in the future.

Another inspiring woman is Frida Kahlo. I had a moment yesterday where I was thinking what would happen if I couldn't write. Sometimes we are fated to do something different than we planned and we still need to fight for it! I only discovered Frida when I was well into my twenties, so it would be cool to share this woman's story with my nieces at an earlier age. Maybe they will impress their teachers.

I don't want to say, sadly, but a lot of the girls know who Coco Chanel is. Except, they really only know her brand. I think they would find her story all that more fascinating if we read this biography together. Coco Chanel is quite the genius, but we often forget that because we're so into her products!

To be honest, this biography of Virginia Woolf would benefit me. I never went out of my way to learn about her and I really should have. It's a bit embarrassing that I don't know a lot of information on one of the most influential female authors of the 20th century. It would be interesting to come together with the nieces to discuss topics like feminism.

I hope more of these Library of Luminaries biographies come out soon. They are a great beginning to learning about some of the most important women in history. Since the books are visual, it would keep the attention of a preteen easily. What do you think of getting together and creating a book club with your nieces (even nephews)? Even for the relatives all around the world, technology makes it easy to have Skype dates! What other ideas do you have? Please share!

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