Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Paper Source's New Fab Items for Ice Cream Parties

If you want to be the number one relative ever, you may want to check this out. I'm a sucker for ice cream, I'll admit it. I will make any excuse to have it. Of course, I ran into these exclusive ice cream themed items on Paper Source. Host an awesome ice cream party for your nieces and nephews. It would be a huge hit! Come take a look!

I already have an ice cream maker, but this ice cream maker is cuter than mine! It also looks really easy to use and would make a great centerpiece. Not only would kids love to look at it, but they would totally use it. Inspire them to make their own flavors and have fun!

If you have plans to do anything with ice cream, this ice cream scoop from Paper Source would be handy. I have bent so many spoons because I don't have a scoop... I should probably invest in this just to salvage my silverware!

I love the retro artistic style the ice cream cones are painted in! These ice cream plates are very colorful and have a really fun shape the kids would enjoy. Eight plates are the perfect amount for a a small gathering. Or I could get two sets and let the parents come and enjoy!

Some of the little kids need ice cream bowls. I wish the colors matched the ones from the plates. They seem like they're a softer shade. I definitely love the fact it comes with wooden spoons! I have had many a child throw away my silverware because I mix disposable and non-disposable...

We all know how important these are. Check out the Paper Source ice cream napkins. I wish my banana splits looked that awesome when I make them. I know kids don't really care about what's on the napkin, but I really need everything to match!

In order to make this a party, you need to have some decorations. This ice cream cones garland would definitely set the mood. I don't think I see one ice cream cone that looks the same on this garland. I'm kind of hoping this will subconsciously spark some creativity from the kids when they make their own ice cream.

If you want to impress some of the kids, this Lomelino's Ice Cream Cookbook is a great starting point. There are so many excellent recipes it'll motivate you to create your own flavor profile! This cookbook is also on Amazon.

Ready for summer yet? I know my nieces and nephews can't stop talking about how excited they are. I'm pretty antsy myself! I get to spend quality time with them and eat so much ice cream! Take a look at more from Paper Source and comment down below to tell me about your summer plans!

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