Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ocean-Themed Lunch Bags and Kids Dishes from Sugarbooger

I looked outside this morning at around 6 and realized that the sun was starting to come out! It was just a nice reminder that we're now switching gears for summertime. Even some of my flowers are blooming ridiculously early.

I know it's the middle of the school year, but I think these Ocean-Themed Accessories from Sugarbooger on Amazon would be great to prepare for a beach vacation. I know when I was a kid I always loved to get "summer vacation" themed stuff pre-vacation. I always felt like it enhanced the experience and made it feel more "summery."

I love the cute sharks and scuba diver on this Ocean SugarBooger Kiddie Play Back Pack. It is durable waterproof cotton canvas back pack with nylon and canvas lining and soft carrying handles.

These Ocean SugarBooger Silverware Set remind me of going camping. Don't you think these would be great for a fun camping trip on the beach during the summer? I always seem to lose my utensils when I go on trips, even though I definitely keep it all in one large plastic tote. These come with a little carrying that's easy to open and seal.

You can never go wrong with having a surplus of baby bibs. The Ocean SugarBooger Mini Bib Set would make your vacation meals more fun. I'm so glad that they have two different designs. I love the crab in the submarine.

Now these SugarBooger Divided Suction Plates are exactly what I'm looking for. First of all, melamine dining sets are perfect for camping. They are so easy to clean and harder to break, plus you don't want to buy plastic dining sets. It's pretty wasteful and the trash build up on long trips is pretty ridiculous. The suction base is perfect for my littlest ones, since food is really just an art utensil at this point!

I know that this Ocean SugarBooger Sippy Cup might not phase the kids, but in all honesty this is for me. I've noticed that either my nieces and nephews have their FAVORITE sippy cup that no one could ever replace, or they don't even care about it. I think that this particular sippy cup is very adorable and if I'm going to get plate sets and utensils it's only right to get this sippy cup too.

Speaking of ways to hold liquids, this Ocean SugarBooger Flip and Sip Container would be awesome for the older kids. Oftentimes I have one of my kids, especially my nephews, who need to use my thermos for their soda or water. This would be incredibly useful for me, since I don't have enough liquid containers for the "older kids" (as my nephew puts it.)

I literally cannot have enough items for snacks. These Ocean SugarBooger Good Lunch Small Snack Container would be the most necessary thing for any long road trip. I would need to buy a bunch of these so that all of the kids get one of their own! That means less car drama!

Take a look at other Ocean-Themed Accessories from Sugarbooger on Amazon. There are other themed items from Sugarbooger too that you guys should check out! Do you have any themed trips planned for the future? Tell me about it down below!

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