Monday, April 25, 2016

Let's Play Ice Cream Parlor!

Summer will be fast approaching and I know it's always good to prepare! I always end up taking care of a bunch of kids during the summer. One of the most important things during the season is ice cream!

When I found these ice cream parlor play sets, I thought they would be a fun addition to normal ice cream time.

Make sure that you don't accidentally mix real ice cream into this Play-Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset! The kids can learn how to make those fun little twists with Play Doh. They definitely would enjoy putting decorations on the all the different treats. If there is such a thing as rainbow Play Doh, I would definitely try to find it specifically for this playset.

I have a little weak spot for playsets. Check out this Old Fashioned Sweet Shop Playset. Sometimes I get complaints when I tell the kids we have to build it before we can play, but it ends up being a fun project. I always feel like paper dolls really inspire playing make-believe.

My older cousins used to play with Playmobil when they were little. This Playmobil Super Set Ice Cream Parlour would be an awesome addition to a Playmobil city set. I love all the little tiny pieces that come with it and how you can accessorize all your people in your Playmobil town!

Many of my nieces are starting to get into the My Little Pony phase. This colorful My Little Pony Ice Cream Dream Supreme With Rainbow Swirl would definitely make an ice cream sundae day with auntie very exciting! I hope they don't mind the older Rainbow Dash model, because this play set is really fun! It even comes with tiny ice cones and an ice cream scoop.

Is American Girl still in? Because this American Girl - Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor would be a great dolly playset! I love how elegant the parlor looks. There are nine scoops of pretend ice cream in chocolate, strawberry, and mint. It can be served in the pair of cones, bowls, or glass cups with shiny cup holders.

I know my niece would love this Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Ice Cream Parlor. This could also be a great addition to other Mega Bloks sets that you might have. The clean up for this would be very easy. It would also be great for travel!

Check out more ice cream parlor items on Amazon to make ice cream time even more fun! Who thought that would even be possible? What do you guys think? Let me know down below in the comments.

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