Thursday, April 7, 2016

KidCraft's Outdoor Lounge and Cabana Furniture for Summer Back Yard Parties

I throw a LOT of parties in my back yard in the summertime, so I'm looking today at some kid-sized furniture. Often, kids are just a bit too small to fit comfortably on my adult sized outdoor dining chairs, yet they've outgrown my high chair.

I absolutely cannot resist buying this striped sun chaise lounger for kids to enjoy while in my back yard. I know kids don't really hold still all that long, but perhaps this will come in handy during my outdoor movie nights. This is so cute - it nearly matches my Pottery Barn chaise for grownups!

The double chaise also comes in Navy stripes.

Luckily for me this adorable green and white striped chaise and umbrella set doesn't match my color scheme. Otherwise, I'd be squealing right now and ordering it!

The green and white chevron stripes give this kids picnic table a modern feel.

My friends' smaller kids can use this KidKraft picnic table, which I would set up right next to our grownups' table.

Here it is in Navy stripes if you prefer!

The patio set also comes in gray and white stripes, but I find that completely boring!

Some of you aunties might be swooning over the pink and white set!

Oh gosh, of course there's a matching pink and white striped lounger. Too precious!

This KidKraft cabana sandbox protects your babies and toddlers not only from the sun, but from annoying wandering pooping cats and small dogs!

Imagine how much fun we'll have dining and playing and lounging in my backyard this summer!

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