Friday, April 29, 2016

Hallmark's Star Wars Itty Bittys to Delight Young Nephews and Nieces

I know that some of my nephews and nieces haven't seen the Star Wars movie yet. I'm sure the same goes for you guys. Some of the little ones aren't old enough yet, but they just know about all the hype! I have my 4 year old nephew talking about Jabba the Hut. He even "gurgles" like Chewbacca, but he has never seen the films. It's pretty hilarious! I know that the kids would really love to snuggle a Star Wars Itty Bitty.

It's sweet that these Itty Bittys Star Wars Han Solo and Princess Leia come in a pair. I wish they'd paired back up again sooner.. while there was still time..

Okay, this is my favorite the Itty Bittys Star Wars plush collector set. It has a touch of everything from Obi-Wan to C-3P0. Plus they're so cute! I kind of want these for myself, honestly. The original Star Wars has a very special place in my heart, and I know that once I show the movies to the kids, they will feel the same.

I know for sure this fuzzy Itty Bittys Star Wars Chewbacca plush would make my nephew smile! He even makes me happy, he's just precious.

Never in my life did I think I would I say that Darth Vader was adorable. This Itty Bitty Star Wars Darth Vader plush is so darling and I really want him to sit with me at my desk while I work.

The other famous face from the movies is a little green man. This Itty Bitty Star Wars Yoda plush needs to be part of my collection! I think the kids would really enjoy having all the Jedi to play with. You could also tell them the story about the Jedi Knights, which would be a fun activity!

Onward to the new Star Wars movie! The Itty Bitty Star Wars BB-8 plush is a must have! He's friendly looking and a fun character. I know the kids would really enjoy having BB around.

I am the most excited about the Itty Bitty Star Wars Rey plush. I can't wait to show my niece the plush doll and to show her the movies when she's a bit older. Rey is a great role model, in my opinion!

There are more Itty Bitty Star Wars characters that I left out, so check them all out on Amazon. The Itty Bitty's Star Wars plushies are really a great way to introduce the whole Star Wars universe to the kids. You could even sneak in a couple for yourself!

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