Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Awesome Star Wars Bento Boxes to Make Lunch Fun!

So, it's possible I may have to do this for my own sake. I know the kids liked Star Wars, but probably not as much as I did! I think some of these rad Star Wars Bentos would be a great hit for my next lunch date! Maybe some of your nephews and nieces would love these as a gifts. Check these out!

Well, this Japan Lunch Box 4 Tier Bento Box Star Wars Face would be an awesome way to have lunch! If any of your kids really enjoy the classic Star Wars, this would be the best bento box set to give. Boba Fett and C3P0 is are my favorite designs. They're adorable. I'll have to get this for myself!

The Star Wars R2-D2 Bento Box comes with all sorts of stuff. There are three containers and a Death Star press to darken your sandwich if you wish. This was just brilliantly put together. I know my nephew would really enjoy this purely because he enjoys putting things together. This bento would make lunch really fun!

I really like the art style for this Star Wars sealed container. My favorite is probably the one with all the stormtroopers on it! I can see myself getting a few of these for all the kids and having a big party!

Admittedly, this Japan Lunch Box 4 Tier Bento Box Star Wars Comic Cover will probably be used by me. I think once the kids are old enough to read comics I could whip these out as a surprise! I can always save these for a later time. Right now, it would be for myself! Every Aunt needs to spoil herself too of course.

Take a peek at all the Star Wars Bentos on Amazon. I'm sure you'll find something your kids would love. It'll make lunch more fun! Let me know what you think below in the comments section.

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