Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Suggestion for Bring-Along Restaraunt Toys for Nieces

I'm an aunt who likes to try to remember to bring little toys and playthings along when I'm going out to dinner with nieces, nephews and their parents. The parents seem to always be frazzled and to forget to bring things to occupy little people at the table. (Or, sadly, some of them are blissfully unaware that Little Junior isn't quite a model citizen at the table yet).

It's naturally very difficult for little ones to sit still in one place for long, and they get bored quickly. So I always try to bring a little doll or action figure with me, a book or two, or some stickers at the very least.

When I know we are going to be at a long dinner, I bring an extra soft tote bag full of bigger toys. Nothing that will take up too much room on the table or distract anyone else, just a little playset or something to keep little fingers busy.

I always make it clear to the kids that they are borrowing my toys, and can't take them home, and so far everybody has been clear on that concept. I might need the toys the very next day for a luncheon or dinner outing with another family!

Here are some Barbie Peekaboo Petites Storytime Room dolls. Each little set comes with a small room, a doll, and just a couple of accessories. (That way you have fewer tiny items to keep track of at the end of the meal).

The Mermaidia Peekaboo Petite room comes with a a clamshell throne, a treasure chest, and a little pink fish companion. The doll is blonde and wears a pink netting gown.

The Bo Peep Storytime Petite room comes with Bo Peep's sheep (I guess she did know where to find him after all!) a plastic bench, and her shepherd's crook. Bo Peep red hair and wears a cute blue and white polka dot dress.

I'm not sure which story The Island Princess is based on. This room doll comes with a throne chair, a watering can, and a bouquet. The doll features pink peacock wings and has blonde hair.

As you can imagine, the Goldilocks Peekaboo Petite doll has blonde hair. She wears a cheerful yellow-and-white gingham skirt. The roombox features three little beds - so cute!

You don't actually get twelve dancing princesses in this roombox toy, you get just one. But she's cute, with her pink gown with a tulle underskirt. The room comes with a wardrobe, a ballet barre and a set of golden slippers.

Enjoy your dining!

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