Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Auntie's Backyard Lunar Colony

What if you could create a space or Moon-themed play area in your back yard? Build your own simulation of a lunar colony for your nieces and nephews to play in?

This fantasy idea wouldn't work in my green grassy Pacific Northwest back yard, but it would work in an aunt or grandmother's desert home, or drought-inflicted California, or at a home with gravel instead of grass.

This amazing inflatable bubble tent is not affordable unless you win the lottery. To me, it looks like a perfect "lunar colony" playhouse.

I wouldn't want to actually camp overnight in one of these bubble tents (No privacy! Too much sunshine waking you up early in the morning!) but what a fun playhouse this would make.

If you were wealthy, you could add on and connect more bubble tents, sort of like a human hamster Habitrail!

Here's a more affordable tent: a Space Module tent by Pacific Play Tents.

This retro styled rocket ship tent is super colorful.

This "Blast Off" rocket play tent offers a metallic look.

Your younger, smaller nieces and nephews (toddlers) could pretend to fly this inflatable space shuttle to the Moon to visit the lunar colony.

If you have artistic nephews and nieces, they might enjoy coloring or painting this corrugated space shuttle and then playing inside it.

This inflatable astronaut could be a nice decoration or prop for playtime.

This astronaut costume fits nieces and nephews aged 3-6 years.

This astronaut costume is for older kids.

This astronaut costume comes with a helmet. It's from legendary Halloween costume company Rubies.

Check out Amazon's astronaut food you could serve the children after their long day of space-themed play!

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