Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tempted to Try This Wooden Castle Project

I saw this unpainted wooden castle at Michael's yesterday, and was sorely tempted to get one. It's so adorable!

It opens up and can be used as a dollhouse castle or to re-enact historic castle sieges using Schleich figures or action figures.

What stopped me from picking one up is my doubt of my painting abilities. I don't think I could do this justice.

However, maybe it would be fun to invite some of my kiddos over to help me paint it as a group project - perhaps on a rainy day. (I'm not a fan of sitting inside doing crafts on a beautiful sunny day when you could be outdoors!)

I'm reading over a few "how to paint your dollhouse" webpages for tips on what kind of paint to use. So far I'm enjoying this article and mulling things over. I don't want to waste $25 on a dollhouse I wouldn't actually sit down and paint, or that I'd make look like crap with my poor crafting abilities!

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