Friday, March 20, 2015

Unique Soft Toy Gifts for Newborn Nieces and Nephews

I'm not usually in favor of gifting stuffed animals or stuffed toys to newborns. Most people do, and your typical newborn can end up with dozens upon dozens of the usual: baby duckies, lambs, kitties, puppies, sheep, bunnies and other farmyard animals. Or another newborn stuffed animal trend I'm so, so sick of is the safari animal trend: giraffes, lions, monkeys, etc.

Since newborns don't actually play much with toys, I prefer to gift squeakers or rattles because at least Mommy or Daddy can distract baby with waggling them about in front of Baby's face. Later, when Baby can grasp for toys herself, she'll enjoy the texture and sounds she can produce with the boy. Yay for distraction!

If I'm going to break down and gift a stuffed animal, I want it to be a unique one you don't see just anywhere. That's one small part in the process of attaining and maintaining one's Favored Aunt status.

This Al Paca soft toy is really cute, and your new niece or nephew probably won't get any other alpaca toys!

Al Paca has a friend named Dolly Llama. Oh, how witty this company is (or thinks they are!)

I'll occasionally see someone gift a kangaroo themed toy, but this Rattle a Roo looks so different and is of much higher quality than the other toys I've seen. Love the red-and-white color theme and the tiny baby kangaroo in his pouch!

Rattle-A-Roo also comes in blue-and-yellow.

And in brown-and-green.

Owls are super trendy right now. Your newborn niece or nephew won't know that or care, but there's a good chance that Baby's mommy will be delighted with this knitted owl rattle. And it squeaks!

These are pretty small gifts - probably they should be part of a larger gift, or tied onto the package of a gift bag full of darling baby clothes and board books. Anyway, hope you liked looking at them!

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