Monday, March 30, 2015

Lemonade Stands for Entrepreneurial Nephews and Nieces

Running a lemonade stand is a childhood rite of passage. Help your nieces and nephews set one up one summer afternoon. Provide them with the tools and supplies, help them do the math to figure out how to make a profit, then sit back in a cozy outdoor chair and watch from a safe distance. They'll need to know you're nearby for reassurance and safety, but they'll want to handle the business on their own. Note that the cuter the kids look, the more cars full of suckers, I mean women, will stop to buy overpriced lemonade and probably give the kids extra tips, too.

I love the stripes on this cardboard lemonade stand.

This Melissa and Doug lemonade stand is cute, but probably should be just for indoor play and practice sessions. I'm not sure I'd set it up outside for kids to wait for passing cars.

For older nieces and nephews, this Bizainy lemonade stand kit contains a sign, a banner, a marketing plan, lemonade recipes, a sales pad, and a budget/profits worksheet.

Here's a wooden lemonade stand from Opa and Oma's on Etsy. I'm not sure how heavy it is or how much assembly you have to do once it arrives! The cute pennant is sold separately.

Here's a darling lemonade stand dress someone has created to sell on Etsy.


A Pinner has collected her cutest lemonade stands ever; and here's another collection of lemonade stand pins for inspiration. And the official Pinterest lemonade stand explore tag.

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