Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fantastic and Colorful DIY Paper Toys for Rainy Autumn Days

Is it surprising that it has been fairly rainy where I'm at in the world? Any sunshine I might have will most likely be short lived! My nieces and nephews think I've become a master at rainy day activities. I have plenty of paper dolls and villages to entice the little one's imaginations. These paper toys by Fantastic Toys are really vibrant and unique. The best thing, they're instantly available! Just buy, print, and play! Take a look.

I really love the idea of putting together these strawberry, beehive, and acorn cottages. Just with this set you can make your own fairy garden inside your home! I love the villagers associated with each cottage, especially the acorn people. The acorn caps are so cute.

You might as well add this mushroom cottage to the rest of the fairy collection. These guys are little gnomes though, which should get along with the fairies. They can all be mischievous together.

The fairy houses are really precious, but I actually enjoy the characters that come with it more. I can see the kids playing with these villagers quite a bit because they come in little animal outfits - like in Peter Pan!

This may be my favorite fairy mushroom cottage. I love the other accessories that come with it, such as the flowers and stumps to add to your "front yard". Shh, my favorite is the unicorn!

The cool thing about this mushroom cottage paper toy is that you can use it like a dollhouse. My nieces would love to play make believe with this mushroom home. The fairy that comes with this set reminds me of Snow White. She is surrounded by all kinds of animals!

Now we can have our own little Mad Tea Party with this Alice in Wonderland paper set. The sad Alice stuck in the White Rabbit's chimney made me giggle, I confess. These are just truly adorable, it's hard to say no to this colorful set! It's familiar too, which the kids will love.

I've always wanted to have a swing in a tree, so I'm tempted by this apple tree and dollhouse. You can make your little people hang out inside or go and play outside with the swing! This is a great starter kit if you wanted to try these out before getting them all.

I can see this Gnome log race track ending really well or horribly. With the nephews, they might end up squishing the poor paper gnomes as they are trying to race each other. Competition is deadly!

Inspiring the kids to go to Paris is at least a more realistic fantasy! I love all the different pieces for this particular set. The air balloon, Eiffel Tower, and cafes are all wonderful features.

I do feel like these guys are very generous as far as how many figures they give you per set. If you think you need more gnomes to populate your village, you can get these cute fawn and gnome dolls. They are really adorable, I love their pointy hats!

These paper toys by Fantastic Toys are not only great for rainy days, but sunny days too! Play outside or inside. Probably the best thing about this is that they are immediately available to print out. What do you guys think of these play sets? Comment down below!

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