Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Darling and Simple Wooden Plates for Kids from Petits Et Maman

I'm not sure how much my toddler nieces and nephews would appreciate cute and fun dishware. I have a feeling it would be a brief moment of excitement, then back to eating! These darling wooden plates from Petits Et Maman are mostly for my benefit! Take a peek at how cute they are.

This is definitely my favorite out of all the options. This precious rabbit wood plate would be great with some baby carrots piled on it! The kids would feel more encouraged to eat their vegetables if they're eating from this cute plate.

Even if this elephant wood plate is a very adorable dish, I'm not sure how well this would do holding food! I don't think you would be able to use the trunk for a whole lot, except for really small foods.

I could definitely use this duck wood plate for snacks after bath time. Plus it looks like it could hold a substantial amount of food!

Not only can you imitate a rocket ship when trying to feed the baby, you could even have a rocket ship shaped plate! It's divided up nicely too, so food won't touch. That tends to be an ordeal in my household!

I kind of think this wood flower plate looks like the Mario World fire flower. That means it is extra fun (for my benefit, of course!) I love being able to see the wood texture, it's beautiful.

My nieces and nephews are practically little monkeys! This wood monkey plate would be fun to put little pieces of banana or fruit. Unfortunately I know the kids and me would be making monkey faces at each other through the whole meal - I'm a bad influence!

What an awesome way to divide the food up. The wood automobile plate would work for kids that are a little older than two or three, plus they would appreciate it a little more!

Both of my nieces and nephews would adore this cute little wooden robot plate. The little antenna on the top of it's head is pretty cute. I know the kids would ask lots of questions about robots and technology after seeing their food on this plate.

These wooden plates from Petits Et Maman are very fun and even better, not made out of plastic! I know I will have fun bringing these out when the little ones come over to snack! What do you guys think? Comment below!

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