Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hobbit Hideyhole Playhouses for Creative Play in Your Backyard

I know a few of my nieces and nephews have mentioned the fact they want to live in Hobbit holes. Ever since I showed them the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, hobbits became an obsession. I can remember my nephews pretending to be Frodo and Sam hiding from the Nazgul and throwing the ring into a volcano. Getting one of these Hobbit Hideyhole playhouse kits on Etsy would be so exciting! Let's wander into our potential Shire and check out what we could build!

This is the large Hobbit hole made for lots of kids and older kids. If you live on a greenbelt, putting this in your little forest would be like creating your own Middle Earth. You can see how big it is! It would be great to have a little camp out in. Shh, it would be a great escape for me too!

As you can see with this Hobbit Hole playhouse kit it looks great even on a patio. I would love to get together with a few of the kids and read Lord of the Rings to them in this Hobbit Hole. Clearly the pictures show two different color schemes, so I'm not sure if the wood planks come pre-painted or if you do it yourself.

This Etsy store MudPutty has a really cute Hobbit hole kit too. It looks lighter weight than the above ones, but it looks like you can paint it whatever you want. The size is large enough for a few kids, but not a huge party!

Would your kids use these Hobbit Hideyhole playhouse kits? They can pretend they are hobbits in their own little hobbit town or go on the epic adventure of Frodo or Bilbo! These would be so much fun to camp out in too or have a little tea party in. Comment down below!

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