Thursday, June 9, 2016

MiniLou's Pocket Paper Pals for Un-Boring Your Nieces on a Rainy Day or Car Trip

I know that in my neck of the woods the weather can be all over the place. Also, I tend to be very available for babysitting. You have no idea how much of a lifesaver paper dolls are during the summertime. They're so easy to bring along on long road trips, camping, or just for rainy days at home.

I think these pocket paper dolls from Mini Lou are very cute. You can buy them individually on MiniLou's website or in sets on Amazon!

Look at how cute this Little Friends Kitty and Bunny Pocket Paper Pal Sets is! I have a niece that loves to hang out with cats, so this is just perfect. I noticed that animal themed toys are more approachable. If you look closely, their outfits are from all kinds of places. They have baseball uniforms, medieval dresses, under the sea, and more! I really like the variety, because it honestly keeps their imagination going and going.

I don't care what they say, even tomboys can enjoy dolls. This Les Petite and Zombie Apocalypse Pocket Paper Pal Sets is a great alternative to the traditional paper dolls. I think that both of them are actually very adorable. Even the zombie set looks really fun! I laughed a little because they have so many outfits for the zombie kids. The artistic style for the Les Petite book is precious. I think it might be my favorite that is offered!

This Whimsical Woodland and Family Farm Pocket Paper Pal Sets is so amazing for camping trips. Both of them have very natural elements that will prepare your little ones for the great outdoors! I know that I would have played with the Family Farm set while I was at my grandparents.

I think it's pretty adorable that everyone looks the same age in this Hansel and Gretel Pocket Paper Pal Set. I wish that we could see what other outfits are provided in this set! I definitely know that my nieces love the fairy tale paper dolls.

Out of the fairy tale paper dolls the FairyTale Little Red Riding Hood Pocket Paper Pal Set is my favorite. I can't get enough of the Big Bad Wolf, it's just so awesome. Even though they aren't featured on the front, the huntsman and grandma are also in this set. I can definitely see my nieces having a bunch of fun with this one.

This FairyTale Alice in Wonderland Pocket Paper Pal Set is bound to bring the whimsical world to life. The characters included are Alice, the Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Rabbit, etc. I have a vision of using this on a rainy day and playing the Disney movie at the same time. I think the kids would really enjoy it.

Which set would your nieces or kids like? I think there's everything for any kid. If you have little fashionistas or tomboys, there's something there they would like! My only problem is picking one or two to get, I want them all!

Check out MiniLou's website or the sets on Amazon!

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