Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello, World Board Books for Baby Travelers

One of my nieces just had her first birthday on Saturday and what a blast it was! Her mom was urging us to find her new books. I saw some of these "Hello, World" books at the University Book Store. I thought it would be a great idea to keep these on hand for when we all go traveling together. It's a great way to spark imagination and to promote learning. Plus these are super cute, especially if you're on your way to any of these great cities.

When I saw the cover of this book I thought "Wow! This is more colorful than the actual city!" The New York: A Book of Colors is incredibly vibrant and joyful. I know before I became an adult I always wanted to visit and see New York. Is it true that when we all are little the thought of New York's grandeur is almost magical? In this book you can visit the Statue of Liberty or just imagine wandering through the streets of this bustling city.

As a kid, Paris was always the number one place I wanted to see. This "Paris: A Book of Shapes" book is filled with charming colors. This is the perfect city to show the little ones how crazy awesome shapes can be. Even as an adult, going to France, I am always amazed at their architecture. It says the book travels to Notre Dame and Arc de Triomphe. I am the most excited about the Louvre. Of all the unique places, that is somewhere that I think kids would feel awe when they experience it.

If you have ever been to London, this is a great place to go over what opposites are. The "London: A Book of Opposites" goes through all kinds of opposites, for instance big and small. I really love the idea of English Royal Guards representing different heights or weights. Also it is very true about the weather being rainy or sunny or even both in one day in England.

Last on my list of "Hello, World" books is a visit to San Francisco. I personally haven't even had a visit to San Francisco and it's a lot closer than most of the other cities. This newer book San Francisco: A Book of Numbers is great for kids a little older. What a great city to talk about numbers too since there really are so many things to count. This is a city I know a lot of people will take a road trip to during the summer to visit. Why not bring a couple books to entertain the kids too?

I always seem to be the person that gently pushes books onto the kids I know. Many of my nieces and nephews are avid readers because I put a compelling story in their hands! It's mostly because I am an avid reader myself. I just have more time (as a childless aunt) than most of the parents I know! So I just try to take advantage of it and help out.

What do you think of these "Hello, World" books on Amazon? I love how wacky and fun they look!

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