Monday, June 20, 2016

Fun Paper Playsets for Impromptu Playtimes

I am piling up a list of things I can do all summer with the kiddos. I know that these paper play sets would be handy on random play dates! They're easy to put together and store (I'm all about storage!) There are a few really fun looking sets that I know the kids will enjoy!

I think everyone at least once in their lives wants to go to space. The best we can do right now is at least imagine and encourage the kids to shoot for the stars! This vibrant space flight paper board kit looks super fun. This set comes with astronauts and aliens, so we could even have an intergalactic battle!

Unfortunately the figurines for the Castle of Wonders play set come separately. I really love the color choices they picked for the castle. To me, it looks like it's from Candy Land- the tops of the towers remind me of cupcakes! I know my nieces would love to play fairy princesses with me.

I would love to combine the Castle of Wonders play set and this Medieval Castle play set together. Then both the nieces and nephews can all play at the same time with their knights and fairies. We could have the knights saving the fairy princess, or even the fairy army saving the king.

I think the pirate flag is particularly interesting on this Pirate Boat play set I'm not entirely sure why they decided to use a sugar skull on the mast of the boat! It definitely brightens the ship up. We can have all sorts of adventures using this pirate ship.

Prepare for random baby sitting occasions with these paper play sets on Amazon. This is great for all year long or even as a gift! Take a look at more and tell me what you think in the comments section down below.

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