Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dune Buggy Beds for Kids

School is officially out in my neck of the woods. That means it's time for lots of niece and nephew babysitting for me! We tend to invite everyone over and have large sleepover parties every other weekend.

I thought a really cool idea for a spare bedroom for the kids would be to get these Dune Buggy beds and pretend we're racing through the desert. Come check it out!

The canopy is a really cool feature on this Dune Buggy car bed. Too bad we couldn't get actual Dune Buggys that you could turn into a bed for camping.

I personally would need something larger like this Dune Buggy bunk bed. If I don't have enough of these for all the boys they will definitely fight over who gets to sleep in the Dune Buggy bed! I think it would be fun to paint the walls like it looks like there are hills of sand. It would enhance the experience!

For girls, here's a Dune Buggy bed in purple. (Looks like hot pink to me!)

I love these beds, because they are so fun for the kids and even myself. I don't know of a kid who doesn't want to sleep in a big car bed. Check out some more Dune Buggy beds on Amazon and tell me which one is your favorite. Maybe there are other creative beds that you prefer over Dune Buggies.

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