Friday, June 17, 2016

Cute and Soft Disney Beans Toys for Baby Nieces and Nephews

Who doesn't love a nice cuddly plush toy to hug? I know lots of my older nieces and nephews still have their favorite character as a stuffed animal. One of my oldest nieces, in her twenties now, has her Simba plush from when she was really young! I know it's hard to admit, but everyone has a little soft spot for Disney. You can get some adorable Disney beans toys from Japan on Ebay. They're cute, soft, and cuddly!

We can't have Disney without Mickey Mouse! This Mickey Mouse plush looks so happy and fluffy. I wish he featured in more cartoons, but the kids still know who he is!

One of the most adored Disney characters is Stitch. It would be so cute to see some of my little ones snuggle this stuffed Stitch plush. Stitch is loved by both boys and girls and is known to be a great companion. He has the most loving face and is ready for hugs!

This is one of my favorite Disney stories. It's a little dark, but I think the fact that it's so surreal it distracts the kids. I know that this Cheshire cat plush and Alice plush will encourage the young ones to use their imaginations.

Another favorite of mine is Monsters Inc. I love the world that was built and I know that a lot of the kids cherish that movie. Our little munchkins can enjoy this great movie with a Mike plushie or a Boo dressed as a monster plush. I love the expression on Boo's face! She looks so satisfied and adorable.

Of course we can't forget some of the best Disney princesses! You can have a Cinderella plush, Aurora plush, Belle plush,and Ariel plush! They look like great cuddle partners.

There are so many adorable Disney beans toys from Japan on Ebay! These are long lasting toys that keep good memories for all nieces and nephews. Start them early by showing them your favorite character and Disney movie! Comment below and tell me your favorite character!

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