Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cute and Unusual Desks for Kids

Most aunts probably don't have kids hanging around their house long enough to need a desk for homework. However, some of us do pick up nieces or nephews for after-school care. I definitely need to create a study and workspace in my playroom for nieces and nephews who spend time in my home during the school year.

Here are some of the desks I've been looking at:

It's too bad this fire engine desk set is currently sold out! This supposedly works as a study desk as well as a play table, but it seems like kids old enough to need to do homework wouldn't want this babyish of an item. Mostly I think it would be used for playtime.

Along a similar vein, here's the Teamson Kids school bus desk and chair set. This might be perfect for preschoolers who are excited to go to the real big school like their siblings!

What if you don't want to take up all the room for an entire desk and chair set? How about, in that case, something like this Frozen chair with desk? It also comes with a storage bin your niece can keep her crayons and art supplies in.

For boys, here's a Cars themed chair with desk. It also has a storage bin underneath.

If you have a bunch of Disney fans running around, here's a Mickey Mouse desk.

It just occurred to me that these might be a nice mealtime or snack time solution for kids too big for a high chair but too small for your regular dining chairs.

If you're just looking for an activity table, not necessarily a study desk, I like this Crayola art table. I love that the chairs are crayon-shaped!

If you have any budding train engineers in the family, they might enjoy drawing and coloring at this train table set.

Here's a pink princess castle toddler table. She could use it for drawing or coloring, then store her supplies away in the drawer.

For boys, here's the gray medieval castle desk.

I was really hoping to find a spaceship or space shuttle themed desk, but so far no luck!

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