Monday, February 1, 2016

Ten Darling Sleepyville Critters Purses for Kids

I know a lot of my little ones are starting to get old enough to where they want to carry all sorts of things. In fact, most of them just want to copy auntie and have a purse of their own. I don't entirely understand this concept, since I would love to get rid of my purse, but that would be a nightmare! I found some cute Sleepyville Critters purses that your kids would enjoy too.

One of my nieces has a crazy owl obsession. She would love this Owl Canvas Crossbody Bag. Its dimensions are 13" x 12.5" x 0.1" which is a fairly decent sized purse. There are a few zippers and pockets so she could even accessorize as she pleases. It's also very stylish with the floral background!

This is for my younger audience. The Premium Leatherette Cat Shoulder Bag with Bow would be a good starter purse. It measures approximately 7" X 1" X 8" and has one pocket and one zipper. It almost reminds me of the Miyazaki movie Kiki's Delivery service. This is adorable!

I can't contain how cute the Baby Beaver Holding a Star Shoulder Crossbody Bag is! Otter's are becoming a thing again so I can really see one of the kids using this. It's made with vinyl so it's easy to clean and it's not huge.

Panda's never go out of style! One of my nieces in particular loves panda's and this Sleepy Eyed Panda Bear Canvas Cross Body Shoulder Bag would be perfect. The blue and black flowers in the background are adorable. The strap is also adjustable and durable, perfect for my rambunctious kids.

My nephews and nieces love sloths. It's a sloth phenomenon out there, actually. This Baby Sloth Shoulder Crossbody Bag is great for all the kids. Again, this would be an easy cleanup since it's made out of vinyl and doesn't have a lot of pockets. I love it!

I might want this little purse for myself! This cute kitty Alicia Crossbody Bag would be perfect for an evening to a play or a little dinner date. It is made from velvet which won't be easy to clean, but it's still very cute. Also the strap isn't adjustable it's made with a chain. I figure getting this would be great practice for when my nieces decide to get a nicer purse. I love this little purse, I think it's my favorite!

Look at more of the Sleepyville Critters purses on Amazon. They are totally worth it! There might be a better animal selection for your kids! Let me know down below in the comments what you think!

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