Monday, February 1, 2016

Fun Puffy Stickers from Melissa and Doug

I have many kids in my life that I really wish I could see more often. I think of them quite a bit and I always want to buy them things! I enjoy spoiling them, but it is difficult if they are across the country. These Melissa and Doug Puffy Stickers Play Sets are always great to give the little ones as random gifts. I thoroughly enjoy playing with them when I give them these sets too!

Animals are always a hit with the kids. This Chipmunk House Puffy Sticker Play Set is precious. I know that all of my nieces and nephews would love this set just because there is a family of Chipmunks. Also, they love playing house which would make this one extra fun!

Honestly, how could you wrong with this Princess Puffy Sticker Play Set? All of my nieces love princesses, especially after watching Frozen and the Princess and the Frog. Even I would have a hard time not playing with this sticker set. Mixing and matching all the dresses and accessories would be really fun!

One of my nephews absolutely loves pirates, which is why I gave him this Pirate Puffy Sticker Playset. I think he will like that he can decorate a pirate ship and a desert island. The pirates can also be dressed up in different outfits!

Can't you see the Pirates and this Mermaid Puffy Sticker Playset put together? They could make one giant pirate and mermaid scene! The mermaids can also have different colored fins and outfits. I really wish I had this when I was a kid... I love mermaids!

For all your fashionistas out there, this Puffy Sticker Activity Book - Day of Glamour would be a perfect fit. It's a bummer that one of my nieces has outgrown these, because it would have been perfect for her. This would be a great inspiration for little fashion designers.

Another I think would be a favorite is the Sticker Activity Book - Riding Club! Like I said before, my kids love animals. I know a few of them have even mentioned they would like to take riding classes. This would spark the imagination and at the very least they could pretend. If I had the chance, I might even make a day out of it and take them to riding classes and give them this little book to go along with the trip.

Half the time I can't even pick one to send off to my nieces, so this Set of 3 Puffy Stickers would make my life easier!

The Set of 4 Puffy Stickers would also suffice and I could even keep one at home for the nieces and nephews that come over and aren't so far away!

I hope you enjoyed these cute Melissa and Doug Puffy Stickers Play Sets. It's a great easy present to send via mail, but also they are incredibly fun. Let me know what you think aunties!

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