Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Darling and Simple Wooden Plates for Kids from Petits Et Maman

I'm not sure how much my toddler nieces and nephews would appreciate cute and fun dishware. I have a feeling it would be a brief moment of excitement, then back to eating! These darling wooden plates from Petits Et Maman are mostly for my benefit! Take a peek at how cute they are.

This is definitely my favorite out of all the options. This precious rabbit wood plate would be great with some baby carrots piled on it! The kids would feel more encouraged to eat their vegetables if they're eating from this cute plate.

Even if this elephant wood plate is a very adorable dish, I'm not sure how well this would do holding food! I don't think you would be able to use the trunk for a whole lot, except for really small foods.

I could definitely use this duck wood plate for snacks after bath time. Plus it looks like it could hold a substantial amount of food!

Not only can you imitate a rocket ship when trying to feed the baby, you could even have a rocket ship shaped plate! It's divided up nicely too, so food won't touch. That tends to be an ordeal in my household!

I kind of think this wood flower plate looks like the Mario World fire flower. That means it is extra fun (for my benefit, of course!) I love being able to see the wood texture, it's beautiful.

My nieces and nephews are practically little monkeys! This wood monkey plate would be fun to put little pieces of banana or fruit. Unfortunately I know the kids and me would be making monkey faces at each other through the whole meal - I'm a bad influence!

What an awesome way to divide the food up. The wood automobile plate would work for kids that are a little older than two or three, plus they would appreciate it a little more!

Both of my nieces and nephews would adore this cute little wooden robot plate. The little antenna on the top of it's head is pretty cute. I know the kids would ask lots of questions about robots and technology after seeing their food on this plate.

These wooden plates from Petits Et Maman are very fun and even better, not made out of plastic! I know I will have fun bringing these out when the little ones come over to snack! What do you guys think? Comment below!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fantastic and Colorful DIY Paper Toys for Rainy Autumn Days

Is it surprising that it has been fairly rainy where I'm at in the world? Any sunshine I might have will most likely be short lived! My nieces and nephews think I've become a master at rainy day activities. I have plenty of paper dolls and villages to entice the little one's imaginations. These paper toys by Fantastic Toys are really vibrant and unique. The best thing, they're instantly available! Just buy, print, and play! Take a look.

I really love the idea of putting together these strawberry, beehive, and acorn cottages. Just with this set you can make your own fairy garden inside your home! I love the villagers associated with each cottage, especially the acorn people. The acorn caps are so cute.

You might as well add this mushroom cottage to the rest of the fairy collection. These guys are little gnomes though, which should get along with the fairies. They can all be mischievous together.

The fairy houses are really precious, but I actually enjoy the characters that come with it more. I can see the kids playing with these villagers quite a bit because they come in little animal outfits - like in Peter Pan!

This may be my favorite fairy mushroom cottage. I love the other accessories that come with it, such as the flowers and stumps to add to your "front yard". Shh, my favorite is the unicorn!

The cool thing about this mushroom cottage paper toy is that you can use it like a dollhouse. My nieces would love to play make believe with this mushroom home. The fairy that comes with this set reminds me of Snow White. She is surrounded by all kinds of animals!

Now we can have our own little Mad Tea Party with this Alice in Wonderland paper set. The sad Alice stuck in the White Rabbit's chimney made me giggle, I confess. These are just truly adorable, it's hard to say no to this colorful set! It's familiar too, which the kids will love.

I've always wanted to have a swing in a tree, so I'm tempted by this apple tree and dollhouse. You can make your little people hang out inside or go and play outside with the swing! This is a great starter kit if you wanted to try these out before getting them all.

I can see this Gnome log race track ending really well or horribly. With the nephews, they might end up squishing the poor paper gnomes as they are trying to race each other. Competition is deadly!

Inspiring the kids to go to Paris is at least a more realistic fantasy! I love all the different pieces for this particular set. The air balloon, Eiffel Tower, and cafes are all wonderful features.

I do feel like these guys are very generous as far as how many figures they give you per set. If you think you need more gnomes to populate your village, you can get these cute fawn and gnome dolls. They are really adorable, I love their pointy hats!

These paper toys by Fantastic Toys are not only great for rainy days, but sunny days too! Play outside or inside. Probably the best thing about this is that they are immediately available to print out. What do you guys think of these play sets? Comment down below!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Build a Paper Medieval City in Your Living Room

I am in love with paper dolls and paper cities! I think it's an easy, cheap, and fun activity that everyone can participate in. I've had many successful paper parties with both nieces and nephews! Since it has been so cloudy over here in the Pacific Northwest, I think these paper medieval cities would be so much fun to build inside my living room. What do you think?

I would love to pretend to make old garments with this weaving workshop paper city set. This is a vital part of making the whole medieval town come alive. We could even pretend that we are weaving robes for royalty!

The medieval city burgher house paper set comes with bards, minstrels, and waitresses. After a hard day's work, get dinner at the burgher house.

Wouldn't it be fun to bake cookies and play with this Bakery medieval paper city set? It would definitely give the essence that the set is alive! I'm sure my nieces and nephews would definitely love that. Any excuse to make cookies is a good one.

The best part about this merchant house paper city set is that it will teach (hopefully) the nieces and nephews to share. They can trade pretend or real goods. It's a good way to educate them to barter. Hopefully there won't be any arguments.

These are a super fun and great way to get those imaginations working. Take a look at these paper medieval buildings on Amazon. Comment down below and tell me which you think would get used the most. I feel like I need to have all four to create a whole kingdom!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Star Wars Mini Fridges for Geeky Nieces' and Nephews' Dorm Rooms

Do you have a few nieces and nephews who are going off to college pretty soon? One of my favorite items in college was my mini fridge. Being a total geek myself I can totally relate to needing something like these Star Wars mini refrigerators. Honestly, you can never have too many of these in college. Especially if your nieces and nephews are geeks (like me!) They will need to have a surplus of cold drinks and snacks for all their hang out sessions.

These Star Wars mini fridges are very cool - come take a look.

The BB-8 Star Wars mini fridge holds 4.8 liters. I think all the robots are hilarious and awesome in all of the Star Wars movies. Probably the best thing about BB-8 is he's orange... my personal favorite color.

Now this is the robot that I have loved for quite some time. It would be an honor to have this R2-D2 4 liter thermo-electric cooler in a dorm. I know some of my nieces and nephews have been following the Star Wars franchise since they were little. I'm sure they would love to have this guy in their future dorm room.

I need this Han Solo 12L 3D Mini Fridge in my house - it's hilarious. If your niece or nephew is used to hosting game nights or parties, this would be a great option for college. It stores quite a bit for a mini fridge. There are going to be a lot of opportunities to use this. Hopefully they decide to have a Star Wars movie watching marathon.

The Emperor may disagree, but this is definitely the king of all mini fridges. Unfortunately the Star Wars Darth Vader mini fridge is quite small. It's honestly a better option for personal use. Especially if any of your nieces or nephews enjoy sitting at their computer for long periods at a time - not like I should encourage that behavior...

Aren't these great for college? I would have love to own any of these Star Wars mini refrigerators for my home office. When I was in college, mine was just a fun color, but these are ten times better. I always like to encourage the kids to flaunt how nerdy they are anyway! Do you have any kids that would totally dig taking this to college?

Friday, July 15, 2016

Cute and Cuddly Star Wars Plush Toys

You can never have enough Star Wars for the kids and yourself. I have some birthdays coming up in August and July that I need to prepare for. My nephews and nieces both love plush toys and Star Wars, so why not have these as gifts? As you can imagine, there's a surplus of Star Wars plush toys on Amazon. Come take a look!

This Darth Vader plush toy is better to cuddle than the actual villain. I think his huge head is hilarious, it reminds me of a bobble head. Is he giving us a thumbs up? It's like he's marketing himself!

I don't know a person who doesn't love Chewbacca! My nephews would probably fight over having a Chewbacca plush toy, so I would need to buy at them all one!

This Kylo Ren plush desperately needs a hug. He probably wouldn't be so evil if he just had that one thing!

Of course, we need to have a Storm Trooper plush. Both my nieces and nephews love Storm Troopers! I think it's honestly because they can be so cheeky and hilarious. I can't forget that the kids love the laser guns.

I think that this Yoda plush toy is really cute. I don't think the kids really realize how awesome Yoda is yet (because of the new movie.) Hopefully he'll be in new movies later!

This is the superstar from The Force Awakens, as far as the kids are concerned. This BB-8 plush would be great for snuggles. It's great for boys and girls!

There are so many Star Wars plush characters on Amazon. If you have a bunch of little fans, this is a great way to start their collection. As for me, some of these are going to make awesome gifts. I don't think this Star Wars trend is going to burn out any time soon, so let's embrace it. At least it isn't Frozen!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hilarious Shark Sleeping Bags and Buntings for Nighttime at Auntie's House

I was pretty much dying laughing when I saw these! So adorable. Sharks and summer just go hand in hand. Shark sleeping bags eating up little babies are just awesome! I'm not a huge camper myself, but I know some of you guys are. If I take my little niece up to the lake again, it would be fun to see how these baby shark sleeping bags work! Or just to bring along to my house and cuddle up, inside a sharks belly... These are hilarious and can be used for all sorts of things. Take a peek.

Watch out for this shark attack! This baby sleeping bag looks super comfortable and warm. Maybe not the best for summer, but it would be so fun to stroll a little one around a water park, wrapping them up in this shark sack! I guess living in the Pacific Northwest would make that possible.

When you take a closer look at this infant baby shark bunting bag, you can see it's a lot bigger than it looks. I want my niece to be able to use this even as a blanket when she gets a little older! There are a few other colors that come with this style of shark bag.

I definitely love the bright red baby winter sleeping bag. It's a great color for both boys and girls, it's a fun way to get them into bed, and it definitely looks warm! I can see parents who hike using this particular shark bag. It can get so cold at night!

This looks like the smallest design out of the bunch of baby shark sacks. It also has so many colors to choose from that make the bag look more like a tropical fish! If I had a sailboat, having a few of these sleeping bags around for of my nieces and nephews would be a must.

These hysterical, comfy, and precious baby shark sleeping bags are great for all year round. You can use it for camping, sailing, strolling, or even just around the house. What a fun way to snuggle up with the little ones too! What do you think? Comment below!

Hobbit Hideyhole Playhouses for Creative Play in Your Backyard

I know a few of my nieces and nephews have mentioned the fact they want to live in Hobbit holes. Ever since I showed them the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, hobbits became an obsession. I can remember my nephews pretending to be Frodo and Sam hiding from the Nazgul and throwing the ring into a volcano. Getting one of these Hobbit Hideyhole playhouse kits on Etsy would be so exciting! Let's wander into our potential Shire and check out what we could build!

This is the large Hobbit hole made for lots of kids and older kids. If you live on a greenbelt, putting this in your little forest would be like creating your own Middle Earth. You can see how big it is! It would be great to have a little camp out in. Shh, it would be a great escape for me too!

As you can see with this Hobbit Hole playhouse kit it looks great even on a patio. I would love to get together with a few of the kids and read Lord of the Rings to them in this Hobbit Hole. Clearly the pictures show two different color schemes, so I'm not sure if the wood planks come pre-painted or if you do it yourself.

This Etsy store MudPutty has a really cute Hobbit hole kit too. It looks lighter weight than the above ones, but it looks like you can paint it whatever you want. The size is large enough for a few kids, but not a huge party!

Would your kids use these Hobbit Hideyhole playhouse kits? They can pretend they are hobbits in their own little hobbit town or go on the epic adventure of Frodo or Bilbo! These would be so much fun to camp out in too or have a little tea party in. Comment down below!

Harry Potter Coloring Books for Aunties and Kids Alike

I'm not sure if you heard, but the new Harry Potter book "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" will be coming out in July of this year. It's incredibly exciting for all of us! I know my older nieces and nephews are very eager for the next installment. In fact, they briefly mentioned camping outside of Barnes and Noble the day before just so they can get their copy. I have never done that before and maybe it would be fun! Whether or not we do that, I think that these Harry Potter coloring books are a great way to pass the time before the book does come out.

I have heard many great things about this Harry Potter Coloring Book. It takes you through all the great places on the school grounds. It has designs from inside the castle, to the forbidden forest, and much more. If you think you can get through this book in one day, you are totally wrong! This has 96 pages of magical goodness everyone is bound to appreciate as you travel through Harry's crazy adventure once more.

I think that this Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Coloring Book would be a really fun one. After doing a bit of research it sounds like this is perfect for those who love those mischievous Weasley twins. There are a lot of little Weasley made objects in the book. There are also things like wands, Voldemort’s Horcruxes, and brooms.

I know the younger kids would really love to color in these creatures from the Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book. I think making the creepy mermaids or even the Griffin any color you want. Plus these are really fun to go back and look through. I hope some of the strange creatures from the Forbidden Forest are in there! I have a nephew that really loves the spiders (I don't understand it!)

I know that I personally want this Harry Potter Magical Places & Characters Coloring Book. I would have a hard time sharing I think! I'd like being able to color in Diagon Alley the way I want to. Plus, I know that all of us would enjoy going through and seeing all the characters. Maybe we could even give Draco Malfoy bright blue hair or something!

I'm really excited to get the new book when it comes out. I don't know if I have the endurance to stay up and camp in a parking lot for it! I might just let my twenty year old nieces take out the younger kids. I think these Harry Potter coloring books are fun for all year round. You could even have Harry Potter parties around this summer pre-book release! What do you guys think? Comment below!