Friday, August 28, 2015

They'll Lose Their Little Minds Over New Crush Flavored Gelatin

I don't make Jell-o or gelatin for myself, as it's not vegetarian. I'll make it for my nephews on rare occasions when they visit. (Don't worry, I won't put celery in it like my mom did in the 1970s).

Recently I saw soda-flavored gelatin in the Jell-O aisle. Crush-flavored, to be exact. I knew my nephews would be overjoyed to sample these, so I picked up a small box of each.

Grape Crush Gelatin 4-Pack

Grape would be great for making dark colored skulls for Halloween.

Here's a skull-shaped jello mold you could use.

Orange Crush Gelatin 4-Pack

I'd use this pumpkin Jell-O mold with the Orange Crush gelatin.

Strawberry Crush Gelatin 12-Pack

If the Strawberry Crush gelatin comes out as red as pictured, there are all sorts of nefarious Halloween-related uses you could apply it to!

Find Orange Crush Jell-O, Strawberry Crush Jell-O, and Grape Crush Jell-O on your local grocery store shelves or via Amazon.

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