Saturday, August 29, 2015

Schoolbus Cookies for Back to School Treats

These decorated school bus sugar cookies are so darling, I'm tempted to get a dozen to gift to all the little people in my area who are starting school next week. Just one cookie apiece! Surely Moms wouldn't mind! These are from the TS Cookies shop in Wisconsin, via Etsy.

Here's a cute set of school bus cookies that show the front of the bus. They're made by May Tillie Baking Co in Tennessee.

Here's a cute school bus cookie jar you could keep on your counter, stocked with fresh baked cookies, if your nieces and nephews or neighborhood kids drop by your house often enough. You can also pick this cookie jar up on eBay.

Here's another cute school bus cookie jar. I think I prefer this one, it looks more retro. It's also sold on eBay.

If you're more talented than me, you could try your hand at decorating cookies you make with this school bus cookie cutter.

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