Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Making Your Garden Magical for Nieces and Nephews

We don't have too many problems with mosquitoes in my part of Seattle. I'd still want to use this outdoor canopy over my patio table, to make it look like we were dining in Fairyland. It looks ethereal and relaxing.

How great would it look with some clear Christmas lights (or as they call them in Australia, "fairy lights") carefully strung along the top, too?

We have bonfires quite often in my back yard in summertime. Sometimes I like to make the experience more magical by tossing in some of these multi color flame crystals.

I like to tuck a fairy cottage or two in hidden spots in the garden, for children to discover on their own.

And I like to place a couple of fairy windows into inconspicuous places on the far side of the trees in my backyard. The kids seem to have more fun finding these little touches than if I were to put them out in an obvious place and hint loudly about it.

Some people might find these solar flower stakes tacky, but I love to see them lit up at night in my garden.

This gorgeous Balinese umbrella doesn't fit my outdoor color scheme at all, but I might splurge on it anyway. How fabulous and mystical it would make my garden look!

I love to light tealights or votives inside these lanterns, then set them out on tabletops and hang them from trees, etc. (The ones in trees, I use LED votives for fire safety). Though Pier 1 sells many gorgeous colors in these lanterns, I think the blue looks more mystical and enchanting at night time for some reason.

I'd love to put just one of these caravan lanterns out - it looks like something out of Aladdin's cave!

I am totally enamored with these colorful Moroccan hanging lanterns too. I have to exercise some restraint so my entire back yard isn't covered in lanterns!

I burn incense in my garden constantly whenever I'm out there to enjoy it. Just as soon as a stick burns out, I light another. My nephews enjoy fighting over selecting the next stick we'll burn, going over my stash of fifty or sixty different scents, sniffing and trying to decide their favorite. My favorite kind is by the Incense from India company. We've made this such a ritual, it doesn't seem like a summer day to us until there is incense wafting all over the backyard and making its way into my open doors and windows.

If there's no rain in our forecast, I like to plant or hang these giant paper flowers around my garden. I take them in at night though, and carefully lock them away away from my curious sharp-clawed kitty cat.

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