Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Retro Toy Kitchens for Favorite Aunts' Playrooms

I'm looking for just the perfect toy kitchen for my playroom. There are a lot of colorful (often crappy looking) plastic kitchens out there. I want my play kitchen to be attractive and to appeal to both genders, not just little girls. I'm leaning towards only buying a retro themed kitchen - the kids won't understand the difference, but I will love the way it looks in my playroom.

I estimate my play kitchen will get used just once per week, so I don't want to spend more than around $140 on it if possible.

This Kidkraft vintage red toy kitchen is tempting because it's not geared specifically towards girls. It does have a microwave, though, which of course an actual vintage kitchen wouldn't have had.

Here's the same kitchen in baby blue. This brings back fond memories of my grandmother's 1950s kitchen!

I'm voting an immediate no on this white retro kitchen playset. Too boring, and shows too many dirty fingerprints!

This retro pink kitchen is my personal favorite, but probably too girly to be practical. I have far more nephews than nieces. I like that it's more true to vintage kitchen history - no microwave.

The Kidkraft retro kitchen also comes in cranberry, but that's not an authentic vintage color.

This Bubblegum pink KidKraft retro kitchen isn't an authentic color either, but how fun!

Here's a simple pink retro stove with oven and sink.

I'm leaning towards this simple play kitchen in blue. It's actually more expensive than the bigger KidKraft play kitchens, but takes up less room in my busy playroom.

Which retro kitchen would you pick for your nieces and nephews to enjoy playing with, if this is your kind of thing?

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