Sunday, March 22, 2015

Darling and Interesting Alternatives to Rocking Horses

I have fond memories of riding a squeaky spring rocking horse like this one at my grandmother's house. She kept it in her toy-filled basement, which was probably a good idea since the toy was so noisy. Either the horse would be being ridden madly, or my brother and I would be loudly fighting over whose turn it was!

Bouncy Hopping Horse, on Amazon

We also had a rubber bouncy toy you sit on and hop around the house on - I think it was shaped like a chicken, or maybe a hippo. (The fog of time is making it hard to remember!)

Pink Owl Rocker "Owlivia" by Rockabye

We enjoyed our rocking horse, bouncing toys and rocking chairs so very much, I'm looking for a more unusual, perhaps more whimsical one to keep in my playroom. It may not make sense for you to have a rocking toy in your house - they're fairly inexpensive nowadays, but take up space, and are a one-purpose item. If your niece and nephews don't visit often, or are likely to only be able to enjoy using it a few times before they physically outgrow it, it probably isn't a practical thing to keep around your house. They are also dangerous - you don't want wheeled riding toys if you have stairs or a multi story house; fingers can get pinched; kids can fall off and get hurt, etc. Use with caution and supervision!

Bonita Butterfly Rocker

If you have the extra room for it though, and have as many small children visiting your house as I do here at mine, here are some cute alternatives to boring standard "rocking horses." I'm tired of horse, farm, zoo and safari animal themes!

Luna the Unicorn Bounce-A-Long Buddie

Rockabye Lulu Ladybug Rocker

Rockabye Princess Carriage Rocker

Darla Dragonfly Rocker, by Rockabye

Rockabye Fossil Dinosaur Rocker

Buzzy Bee Rocker, by Rockabye

Happy Trails Dagwood Dragon Ride On

Puffy Ride on Dragon by Wonderworld

Poof, the Lil Dragon Rocker, by Rockabye

Happy Trails Ride On Mammoth

Rocking Caterpillar by Hessie

Winnie the Pooh Rocking Chair

Doggie Pirate Ship Rocker, on Amazon

Triceratops Rocker, by Labebe

Turtle Rocker, by Labebe

And now for the unaffordable whimsical fantasy dreams:

Lloyd the Locomotive Wooden Rocker, by Trottwood Creations on Etsy

Jewel the Unicorn Rocker, by Trottwood Creations, on Etsy

Drakin the Dragon Rocker, by Trottwood Creations, on Etsy

Mermaid Ride on Rocker, by Enchanted Pumpkin Art, on Etsy

Motorcycle Rocker, by Craftsman Larry on Etsy

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